Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who's Clues? Blue's Clues

1.)  Maggie and Gwendolyn have found a new love of Blue's Clues thanks to Netflix.  They have watched a ridiculous amount of it over the past two weeks.  Maggie was playing with her cars and trucks the other day and got so excited and came to me holding her truck and screaming "Lou's Lues!! Lou's Lues!!" 
Yep, she found a clue!  I'm seriously considering hiding blue paw prints all over the house for her to find because she was so excited over the paw print she found.  I'm just trying to come up with what the clues might be cluing her into, but she is not quite 2 so she might not care to have the clues lead her to anything.

2.) I am also trying to come up with fun things to do this summer.  Gwendolyn got used to a more structured day when she was at school and I am afraid if I don't have ideas for us ready, she (we) will wind up watching way too much television.  We will, of course, be going to the library for story time and the summer reading program.  And we will be going to the pool as often as we can.  I'm thinking we will have special picnics, bubbles, run through the sprinklers, make snowcones days.  I have several lists saved to my Pinterest and will hopefully make my list for the refrigerator next week.

2b.) Does anyone need/ want a Pinterest invite?  Drop me your email if you'd like one and I'll get you one.

3.)  I have a tiny tomato growing in my garden!!  I am terribly excited, but now I am looking at any birds or squirrels in the backyard as potential enemies who want to eat my harvest.  
3b.)  I'm starting to wonder if I need tomato cages.  I don't really know what they are or why you use them, but I saw them at Home Depot.
3c.)  I also have a mystery plant growing in one of my squares.  I'm not sure how it got there either since it is a raised bed that I put new soil in.  It looks a little like my squash plants I have growing, but not exactly.  I'm trying to decide whether to pluck it out so it doesn't steal nutrients from plants I know I want to survive  or just let it grow and see what comes of it.  I should add that last spring/ summer my husband and I carefully transplanted a tree from our back yard to the front yard, only to find out at the end of summer we were caring for a weed.

4.)  I'm not entirely sure why I thought I needed to add that, but it seemed tangentially related to how I garden/ grow my plants.  

5.)  I almost went all "Office Space" on my computer this week while I was trying to install actions into my photoshop elements.  I got so frustrated I was tearing up, and finally handed over my computer to my husband and saw that it was actually a more involved process and not like anything I have had to do before so I didn't feel as bad.  It actually took my husband three times before we figured out exactly how to do it. I think it was a combination of I don't know how to use pse, never installed an action, am using a new, more touchy laptop.  But it is mostly done now so I can work learning how to use it.  You know, in my spare time.  ;) 

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  1. thanks for linking up! i've spent some time caring for a weed before.

  2. Tomato cages are used to support the vine as it grows. You can attach the stalks to the cage as the plant grows and it will keep it from getting top heavy and folding over.