Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Heart faces: Yellow

Whoa it was a busy weekend!  It started out with heavy rain and running through ankle deep water to get Gwendolyn to a birthday party Friday night.  Oh, she had so much fun!  It was held at a place with those big air castles and slides to jump on, meaning she and her friends ran and played for nearly 2 hours straight.  The downside was that Maggie was too little to play so she and Keary had to go find something else to do for a little while.  The upside was that Gwendolyn slept until nearly ten the next morning- pretty much unheard of in this house these days!

Saturday Gwendolyn had her last soccer game of the season and we were supposed to get trophies and pictures, but the coach didn't get stuff together in time. Gwendolyn was a little upset about that, but I told her she would get that trophy even if I had to go to the coach's house and take it.  That made her feel better.  That afternoon we did yardwork and I checked on my garden.   As you can see, my marigolds are blooming well.  Everything else I still have my fingers crossed hoping it will be fruitful.

I spent a big hunk of my day sitting with Grandy at the hospital today.  Mom texted me around 6 in the morning saying she was being admitted for fever and bronchitis.  Knowing that Mom is ten hours away at the beach and that my Auntie had sat up there most of the night, I figured I'd relieve someone and see how she was doing.  She did okay while I was there, but will probably stay a couple nights to run some antibiotics and see that she is recuperating.

The theme this week at I Heart Faces' photo challenge is yellow.  I originally thought i could get a picture of Gwendolyn and her team in their yellow soccer jerseys, but this was the one week all spring season they wore their blue jerseys.  Of course.  So I got a picture of Gwendolyn looking longingly at the marigolds.  They are yellow, so I think this picture counts.


  1. Of course, this totally counts! Congratulations on being way ahead of me with your gardening! :-)

  2. pretty eyes and pretty shot

  3. Love this! Great angle and perspective!


  4. Don't worry, Gwendolyn, the flowers are pretty, but not as pretty as you ^_^

  5. Nice shot, love the point of view. Pretty girl & pretty flowers, perfect.