Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done yesterday.  *sigh*  I stressed for two weeks about getting them done. Seriously.  No, actually, I think I stressed longer about it.  For weeks I looked for a photographer.  I didn't want just basic Sear's photo pictures with the fake background and someone getting paid minimum wage to just click a couple pictures.  But holy hell, have you seen what some photographers charge.  And I don't know if it is just because I have been drooling over and trying to learn from the Pioneer Woman and Karen and their stunning photography, but many of the photographers in these parts just do not hold up.  The lighting is wrong, the exposure is off, they process the hell out of them.  Oh my, one photographer did really nice work, except she airbrushes everyone's faces, including the babies', way too heavily.  So I looked around and googled local photographers, then I went on facebook to see who people I knew were fans of, and compared pictures and prices. Finally I made an appointment with someone who went to the same high school as I did.

That was just the beginning of the process though.  Then I had to find clothes for everyone to wear.  While I wanted natural-looking photos, I did not want us to actually look like we do daily.  You know.. me in my pajama pants or boxer shorts with a margaritaville shirt, my girls rarely ever wear pants.  Keary is generally presentable looking, but that is because he wears a uniform and just changes shirts.  But he has been complaining about the way his shirts fit, so I had to find him something new that he is comfortable wearing.  Gwendolyn and Maggie have a ridiculous amount of clothes.  I had to go find clothes that fit and were flattering though.  I am not a good shopper.  I am easily flustered and I have to tow both girls with me and they are totally unhelpful.  Unless you qualify Gwendolyn announcing loudly "Momma, you are almost naked!" or "When I grow up, will I have as big boobs as you?" or any number of things.  Anyway, I easily found a couple pair of nice jeans that fit, then a nice sales lady at Dress Barn found a nice green and brown sweater cardigan I liked.  That meant I had my color schemes- all was left was to find Keary a shirt to go with it and make sure the girls had something that would work too.  I shopped for four days and finally had something for everyone to wear.  And then I realized I had picked a completely different shade of green for myself that did not go with the rest of the family's.  Back to target I went and picked up another sweater.

While we were getting ready yesterday, Gwendolyn started to complain that she thought she would be too hot wearing a shirt I had laid out for her.  I took a deep breath and decided that it was just pictures and as long as we are all in it and happy and comfortable, it is fine.  So I told her to go find a green short-sleeved shirt in her closet.  She came downstairs happily wearing a Snoopy shirt and some mardi gras beads.  Then when we put Maggie's new dress on her, we saw it was almost ankle length on her.  I started to change her clothes too, and then decided she was fine.  We all got dresses, did our hair, I put on make-up.  We looked presentable and we left to meet the photographer.

It was 85 degrees yesterday for our fall photo shoot.  It was hot.  Good call on Gwendolyn's behalf not wearing long sleeves, I wore long sleeves and a sweater and sweat like a pig.

 The girls fell asleep on the way to meet the photographer.  She doesn't have a studio or anything but said she had somewhere in mind.  So we met and followed her.  We followed her to a cemetery.  If only I had had a red dress like the bloggess.  There was good lighting though.  And we used the backside of the cemetery where there are no headstones.

I think the pictures will turn out okay.  I am hoping so at least.  Maggie was really in no mood to have her picture taken.  That happens when working with toddlers though.  Honestly, I have taken lots of good pictures of the girls, so even if those pictures don't turn out, it will be okay.  I just really want pictures of all of us together.  I am behind the camera 98% of the time and when I am not, Keary is taking pictures.  I want some evidence of all of us being together.