Saturday, May 7, 2011

Understanding the concepts

Tee-ball didn't really get off on the right foot with us.  First we practiced with the wrong team. Then we only got one practice in with the team Gwendolyn was actually assigned to before it decided to rain and pour for a week solid, soaking the field so much that even when it stopped raining, we had to wait another couple days for the field to dry.  But we finally had practice again Thursday.

There are 14 or 15 four and five year old girls on the team, and only a couple of them understand how to field the ball.  My child is not one of them.  She can throw and sometimes catch the ball but doesn't really know or care what to do when the ball is hit in her general direction.    Gwendolyn watched the ball roll by a couple times and then just stared at her coaches and me while we yelled and pointed to get the ball and throw it to first... second... third... then home.  Understanding the concepts will come in time.

Oh, but she loves to bat.  They practice hitting the ball a coach pitches to them first then hit it off the tee and run.  Hopefully the concept of running the bases and actually touching all the bases and not just running around  all the girls on the field will come in time.

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  1. I just love watching little kids play organized sports! It is just too fun! I especially love when the kids just sit down in the middle of the
    I love your "photo story" too-- nicely done!

  2. Nice collage of photos. What a fun age. It's such a hoot to watch them play sports at that age!