Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3/ 52 weeks of happiness

Gwendolyn is off on spring break this week and she is none too happy about it.  She wants to be in school with her friends.  And if she cannot be in school, she wants us to do FUN! SPECIAL! things we don't regularly get to do.  I, of course, want to oblige but am having issues coming up with things to do.

Sure we could go to the zoo or the children's museum, but that is about an hour and a half drive and Keary has to work. And there will be a kajillion people at both of those places so the girls will have to stay right with me and may not get as good a look at the [insert favorite animal, dinosaur, whatever].  That doesn't sound fun.

So we are going to try to make the best of it at home.  Maybe go check out the nature center, pick flowers, eat ice cream (I can't because I gave up ice cream for Lent and that is all I have wanted to eat since Ash Wednesday), have picnics in the backyard.  Then maybe we can hit up the zoo next week on her day off school when schools are back in session.

Of course, before we can make the best of the week, I had to stock up on basic foods which required taking the girls grocery shopping.  I've mentioned how difficult shopping with the girls can be. As soon as we walked in the store, Gwendolyn started asking for this and that.  Stuff we never get.  "Can we get this pleeease?" "Mom, oooh I've always wanted some of these."  I growled and kicked myself for coming to the at lunch time. Again.

And then I caved.  We are going to be eating lunch at home all week, you want cheetos?  Fine, as long as you don't get that day-glow orange powder on me or make me smell them.  You want to make some brownies, fine.  Then we came to the produce.  Strawberries?  No. The last two times we got strawberries, I've had to throw dried rotten strawberries away because everyone is so excited when I buy strawberries, then eat three and are done.  No, NO, no strawberries.  And then I looked at the strawberries.  And I smelled the yummy strawberry goodness.

And we bought strawberries.

And Gwendolyn washed the strawberries for us.

And I made fruit dip so hopefully the strawberries all get eaten this time.  And the girls danced and ate strawberries.

Day one of spring break: 0, Us: 1.

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  1. Spring Strawberries! Nice edits!

  2. Strawberries make every day a little bit better!


  3. what great photos! yum strawberries sound great right now.

  4. YUM! Love the strawberries!

    We have spring break coming up sooner, rather than later :) Having all four kiddos home all day for a week should be interesting!

  5. how sweet!! Love hearing about your spring break. I hear you about how hard it is to shop with kids. I would rather shop at 10pm than take all my kids with me to the store. I'm with you on the zoo trips - between the stress of trying to keep up with everyone and the spring-break crowds there is no way I'd go by myself! :) Hope you have a great week.

  6. What beautiful strawberries and beautiful girls!! Best wishes for a fun and relaxing spring break!!

  7. Wonderful! Strawberries are always a wonderful treat! AND so is spring break... we've got a couple weeks to wait until ours comes around... it's nice reading about others who have it now! =)