Saturday, March 19, 2011

But he is family

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!  I spent the day offline to tend to things at home and celebrate my husband's and my anniversary.  I still need to get him a gift, I had planned on getting him new ergonomic car seat cushions since he is traveling so much.  But, even though I put thought into it, it doesn't really stack up to the gift he got me.  So I am still trying to come up with something.

We had another busy week.  Gwendolyn had her school program on Tuesday.  We almost missed it because I thought it was supposed to be Wednesday.  They had been practicing songs for weeks and the teacher told them they should bring all their family.  That led to her asking if she could bring our dog, Waylon. I told her no, but she kept asking so I told her she needed to take it up with her teacher.

Gwendolyn came home from school the next day  "Mrs Rhonda said it was up to us if Waylon came to the program or not.  He is family and family needs to come."

"Did you tell her that Waylon is a dog?"

It seemed strange that she would say to bring the dog to a school program, but the program was being held at the church and we have the blessing of the pets every year so maybe pets were welcome.  So I emailed the teacher.

Either Gwendolyn masked the fact that Waylon is a dog or the teacher didn't catch on that he wasn't Gwendolyn's brother.

She is slick and I am sure it will only get worse the closer to being a teenager she gets.

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