Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 thoughts while I sweep and mop

Keary's 30th birthday was Saturday so we made arrangements for my friend to come over and sit with the girls while we went out.  And since someone was coming to my house, I went crazy for a little bit worrying about my house not being clean enough.  My focus was mainly on the floors because they had needed to be done anyway since I had not gotten to them earlier in the week.  While I was sweeping and mopping, I thought:

  1. That is it, no more shoes in the house! Surely if we stopped wearing shoes in the house, we would track in less dirt, grass, dust.
  2. Nah, even if I outlawed shoes in the house, we'd still have Waylon tracking it in.  And we can't get rid of our dog, can we?  No, of course not.  Man he tracks in a lot though.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow grates on my nerves.  Not sure why.  Why does she think she is a singer now?  And more importantly, why does Glee insist on having her on again?  She sounds okay, but I think it is her demeanor that bothers me.  Remember when she sang with Huey Lewis.
  4. Good-ness, Look at all this hair.  Between Waylon and me, we could just about make tiny little wigs.
  5. They'd be kinda gross though.  And do they make little dog wigs?  Hmm, I ought to google that.
  6. No breaks.  If I stop sweeping or mopping, then I won't finish it.  I only have a limited window of time that Maggie will nap and let me mop without her "helping".
  7. I wonder how much it'd cost to get a home vacuum system installed around the baseboards so it could just suck all the dirt, dust and hair up without my sweeping.
  8. It doesn't matter how much it costs, we aren't doing that to this house.  Probably can't do that to any house in the foreseeable future because it'd suck up all the girls' toys.
  9. I wonder if NeNe and Kim have reconciled and are friends again. Did I remember to watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale? Yeah, yeah I think I did.  I think.
  10. Whoa, look at that pile I have swept up.  I don't know whether to be completely disgusted that there was enough in the floor to be swept up into a pile that size or proud that I got all that swept up.  Get the camera?  No, no.
You know, if your mind is kept busy and allowed to wander without interruptions, it is amazing just how fast sweeping and mopping 1000 square feet can go by.

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  1. Yes, I have the most random thoughts when I do my house chores!

  2. It is sort of a brain numbing activity! Good for sorting out blog posts for me with a lot of randomness! Ha! Ha! Have an amazing day!