Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maggie the daring

We recently moved the barricades we had in front of the stairs and at the top of the stairs.  Maggie was spending more and more time trying to get through the barricade to get up the stairs and it was becoming a game for her.  The last thing we wanted was her to think playing on the stairs was a game so she now has free reign to go up and down the stairs. She has definitely taken advantage of it too.

Up and down and up and down and up and down.  I have held my breath a lot, worrying she will lose her footing and fall.  So far she has not fallen, but it doesn't make me any less nervous.  Maggie also figured out how to climb up the ladder to the top of the slide.  She likes to stand there for just a minute to see what my reaction is before she slides down.

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is sun flare.  I had some difficulties capturing the flare and the girls, but I think this turned out okay.  
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  1. What a cute picture! My son has the same boots that he insists on wearing everywhere!

  2. Haha! She's so cute!

  3. oh boy, it's so nerve wrecking when they first start climbing!!! we moved from an apartment with no stairs to a house with stairs when my youngest was about 20 months old. there was definitely a lot of breath holding!!!! :)

  4. Enchanting picture. You'll feel the sun's warm whenever you look at this photo. Nice job capturing the sunflare and the moment.