Friday, March 11, 2011

What a week

What a week! I don't think I have ever been quite so happy to see the end of the week.  Especially considering we have no big plans for the weekend.

I developed a persistent cough Sunday night.  No big deal, just a cough.  Then Monday I took the girls and went to sit with Grandy for a few hours.  By the time I got home, I was exhausted, but attributed it to the fact that keeping a constant eye and direction on the girls and Grandy can be exhausting.  Then the fever and chills set in.

Tuesday Keary had to stay overnight out of town for work and I was still sick.  I felt horrible and finally turned a movie on for Gwendolyn and told her she could watch tv, but I needed to go lay down.  Wednesday I didn't feel any better so we stayed home and missed storytime.  The girls acted wonderfully while I was sick and Keary was out of town though.  They entertained themselves and played so well together.

My fever finally broke Wednesday afternoon.  Keary came home Wednesday evening and I don't think I have ever seen the girls be so happy to see anyone.  They ran and embraced him then clung to him and wouldn't let him go.

I know Keary felt bad about being out of town while I was sick, but we did okay.  Chances are, with Keary's new job, he will be staying overnight out of town at least once every other week, and sometimes the girls or I are going to be sick while he is gone so we need to be able to deal.  And all things considering, I think we did fine.

I'm hoping I haven't passed my germs on the Keary or the girls and we can relax and play this weekend.  Today we are sitting with Grandy again and I imagine I will be watching to see the news from the earthquake in Japan and the aftermath of the tsunamis.  And when I am watching the news, my fever and cough doesn't seem so big and bad at all.  


  1. Glad you are feeling at least a bit better! Hopefully you all will have a wonderful, healthy weekend together! Blessings!

  2. It is hard to be sick with little ones. I can relate...the quake and tsunamis have put my things into perspective, too. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Well, sometimes we just have to "rise to the occasion" and it looks as though you and the girls did a fine job of that. I do hope no one else gets the bug and that you will have an enjoyable weekend! Blessings!

  4. This winter has been brutal. It looks like the flu/cold/allergies/bug is making its rounds for the second time this winter because every update on my FB is about someone being sick...and it sounds like a bunch of CGs are sick as well. We were taking turns over here these past 2 weeks. I'm glad you are recovering. Take it easy this weekend.

  5. What a precious picture! I hope you feel much better soon.

  6. Glad you are feeling better! Hope you enjoyed a quite weekend.