Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2/ 52 weeks of happiness

This weekend it was nice and warm so we spent the majority of the daylight hours outside playing.  We each have our own rainboots so we can play in the mud and stomp in as many puddles as we want without worrying about ruining our good shoes. Was your mom as concerned about your ruining your good shoes as mine as when I was young?  

Both girls stomped in mud, then crawled up the slide backwards and slid back down getting their backside muddy.  They don't care: they are just happy it is warm enough to be playing outside without coats and jackets and even happier their mom and dad are out playing with them.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Love the colors in this photo. Well done!


    A Lesson in Happiness*

  2. I think childhood should be filled with dirty backside and ruined shoes. It shoes a good time was had. By the way, I love the light bouncing off the slide!