Monday, February 28, 2011

I Feel the Earth Move, Under My Feet

Okay, so it wasn't so much under my feet that I felt the Earth move as it was under my butt since I was already in bed.  But the point is we had an earthquake, and I felt it.

I was lying in bed with Maggie watching the debacle known as the Oscars when I felt my bed start to move.  I thought it was strange and honestly, the first thought maybe my house was haunted.  Yes, that is where my mind went first when the house and bed started to move: rather than the obvious process that would lead me to realize we were having an earthquake, particularly since we live super close to the New Madrid Fault line, I went with the haunted house option.

In my (meager) defense, I  was scarred by watching Nightmare on Elm Street at a Halloween party when I was in fourth grade- you know the one, where Freddy Kruger is under the water bed and stabs Johnny Depp up through the mattress- and have since been afraid that a ghost would attack me in the same way.

But then Keary came downstairs and said "Did you feel that?  That wasn't wind.  My computer and computer chair were just swaying and moving on their own."  So I hopped on twitter to see if anyone was saying anything about it, but they weren't yet.  Keary and I had already come to the conclusion of EARTHQUAKE!, but sometimes it is good to have the confirmation of twitter.

Now I am thinking that we need an emergency plan and supply kit.  Not just knowledge that we have plenty of first aid supplies upstairs and enough of canned goods in the pantry but an honest to God kit and plan.  Do you have one?  What all does it include?

The photo challenge at I Heart Faces this weeks was Anything but a Face.  Almost all of the pictures I take include faces, but I found this one of Maggie from September.  I love the chubby baby legs and arms, how she is balancing and still a little wobbly, and her shadow stretching in front of her.


  1. very sweet picture! I love baby chub too :-)

  2. I have a chubby baby, which showed me how awesome those baby rolls really are, even if cleaning inbetween is a chore :). Great picture

  3. Cute! I love the yellow polka dot dress. I love them chubby legs too.

  4. This is so cute. I really like the shadow. Great work.

  5. yeah, my MIL called this morning and said they had one in AR yesterday! crazy!!

  6. TOTALLY funny: I felt it too!! I was editing worship photos and listening to one of my favorite preachers on the computer, and the ground moved! My FIRST thought was, "OMGosh, Jesus is coming!" HAHHAHAHAHA Funny what our first thought is, huh? LOL

    I'm in Oklahoma and the earthquake was in Arkansas, so it just a little shake! LOL Cool that we both felt it though!