Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pierced Ears

Gwendolyn has been talking off and on for a year and a half about getting her ears pierced.  I've been a little unsure about it, mainly because my ears reacted horribly (I'm talking disgusting, swelling up over and around the little started studs twice kind of horrible) when my ears were first pierced, and I'm not sure she understands that it  will hurt at least at first.  She has been asking more and more often lately, so I think it is time.

For the third time in as many days, "Can we go get my ears pierced today?"

"Well, I tell you what.  Not today, I'd rather go when your daddy is with us or can watch Maggie, but next time we are out and your daddy is with us and if you still want to get them pierced, then we can go do it."

Clearly, that wasn't the answer she thought she would get and her face lit up.  "Oh! And then we go can where you got your butterfly stamp* for your back and get me a stamp for my back too!"

"NO! Ears pierced first and then when you are much older, we'll talk about getting you a stamp..."

Keary and I are going to have our hands so full when the girls get older.  So full.

*Stamp is obviously what she calls tattoos.

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