Monday, February 14, 2011

This time it wasn't me

I've mentioned that I feel socially awkward and sometimes flub up my words.  I'm not the only one though, and that makes me feel better... Sort of.

Today I took Maggie and Gwendolyn to Chic-Fil-A for lunch since it was Valentine's Day and... Yes, okay, I was attempting to bribe the kids into acting right when we ran our errands.  As the girls and I were sitting in the booth, one of the workers came to check on us.  She was soft-spoken and polite but seemed to linger.

"You look just like one of my teachers."

"Oh?" and I nodded my head because I'm never really sure what to say to that kind of comment.  "My sister is a teacher."

"Ms. Johnson was my Spanish teacher.  You look just like her..."

"No, my sister teaches physical science. I don't think I know Ms. Johnson, but thanks."

"Ah, you just look so much like her.  She just had a baby."


I don't *think* she was saying I look like I just had a baby.  At least not deliberately.

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