Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maggie, the scavenger

Maggie doesn't care much for Gwendolyn going to school.  Gwendolyn being gone means Maggie's partner and playmate is gone for the day.  We had hoped that her going to school would entice Maggie to start talking, but for the most part, all it has meant is Maggie is a little extra clingy and only wants me to hold her the entire time Gwendolyn is gone to school.  Luckily, she is only gone two days a week and one of those days, Maggie has a standing date of story-time at the library.

Maggie waits for time to go get Gwendolyn. I can ask if she is ready to go and she will hop off my lap and try to leave.  Then when we get in the car, she grunts and points at Gwendolyn's car seat, making sure I know who is missing out of the car and where we are headed.  Once Gwen gets in the car, the girls hoop and laugh and dance all the way home.

You might think as soon as we get home, the girls would start playing.  I mean, clearly, Maggie has missed Gwendolyn terribly all day.  No.

As soon as Gwendolyn sets her backpack down, Maggie runs at it and pulls her lunch box out.  It seems Maggie is part scavenger.  She pilfers and eats the rest of whatever Gwendolyn leaves in her lunch box.

I feed her I swear.  Most days we even eat for lunch the same thing I have sent Gwendolyn.  It must just taste better if it is out of a princess lunch box that her big sister has broken in for her at school earlier in the day.

I don't have a picture of her scavenging so here is one from Halloween when she was a gnome.

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  1. too funny! what a cutie!
    visiting from the Circle of Bliss!