Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SuperBowl Flubs

I'm a little socially awkward, I always have been.  I tend to be more quiet and observant of others, and generally, the bigger the crowd, the more introverted I become.  Keary and the girls tend to be more extroverted and thrive in social environments so when some friends of ours were having a Superbowl party this weekend,  I wanted us to go for their sake.

I was doing okay. I wasn't feeling too overwhelmed and I was carrying on small talk here and there, until a big, loud group of people came in.

Keary, Maggie, and I were in the dining room where the food was and as one of the ladies was getting a piece of the strawberry cake we brought, Maggie started gesturing and grunting (because she still doesn't talk!) at the cake.

"Oh, does she want me to cut her a piece of cake?"

"No, she just wants the spatula.  She saw her daddy licking the icing off of it while ago.... -- No, not that one! It was at home while we were making it... --Not while we were making it, after we were done, he licked it."

The lady just looked at me and then looked at her cake.  Then she looked at Keary.

Then I shot Keary the "Oh God, Help me.  Why do I keep talking?!  Make it better" look.

And he just looked at me and shook his head and chuckled to himself.

And my socially-awkward streak remains intact.

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