Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When words fail me, my poignant daughter steps in.

That last title Blame it on the cold medicine, you guys were reading it like Jamie Foxx's Blame It, right?  Because you were supposed to.  Or I don't guess you have to, but it is a lot more humorous in my head if you do.

So as we were leaving to go grab dinner, Gwendolyn came out of the kitchen and said "It smells like a horse came in our house and pooped in our pantry."  That made for quite the mental image and was concerning.  Not so concerning that I went and checked it out immediately- I was hungry and was fairly certain a horse did not, in fact, break into our house and poop in our kitchen.  I figured maybe some dog food got wet and went bad, that has happened before and is pretty gross.  Keary confirmed that there was a definite odor, but didn't check it out further.  Our priorities were dinner.

When we got home, I decided to investigate and found the stench.  Part of a 10-lb bag of potatoes, that has been in our pantry less than a week by the way, started liquefying.  I took the offending potatoes out to the trash, washed the good potatoes, and cleaned the pantry where they had leaked out.  Between the memory of the odor and the way Gwendolyn described it, I may not be able to eat potatoes for a very long time though.

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  1. Oh no...what a bummer! Whats with potatoes going bad so quickly? I just bought some and they went bad in a week too.