Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grandy's improvement

I haven't updated about Grandy recently.  She moved out of the rehab hospital right after Christmas and into a rehab/ nursing center.  Honestly it appears to be some sort of a glorified nursing home.  But she has a private room, isn't in constant pelvic restraints like she was in the hospital (she made a habit of trying to stand up and wasn't strong enough because of the stroke, so she fell (and broke her ankle/foot but that is an entire other rant) so the powers that be ordered her to be an pelvic restraint) and is actually walking on her own, and carries on reasonable conversations sometimes.  She continues to get agitated and upset somewhat easily, particularly if family isn't sitting with her.  She gets riled up to the point they have to give her medicine and they have called Mom multiple times to try to calm her over the phone.  Sometimes that hasn't worked and I have gone and sat with her until she has calmed down.  I know how scary it must be to be so confused but realize she is confused at the same time. Watching her makes me terrified to grow old.  

She had a CT scan done last week, and she has had no more bleeding since the bleed after Thanksgiving.  And it appears that the bleed is being absorbed.  The doctors say this may be as good as it gets though.  She may never get back to being the Grandy she was: vibrant, independent, pulled together.  

There is talk of maybe bringing her home and getting a home health aid to help her.  I think that would probably be as therapeutic as anything: being in familiar surroundings with all her "stuff" she is so worried about.  The nursing center she is in now did some sort of a risk assessment the other day and have deemed her an elopement risk.  Apparently when you are an elopement risk, they take a bad black and white photo of you and putting contact information on a page and filing it away for when they have to report her missing to the police.  So yeah, I think everyone would feel better about her being home.

I have been thinking about how I want to help Gwendolyn and Maggie get to know and remember her.  Gwendolyn knew the real her and has thought she hung the moon since she was a baby.  Maggie just turned 17-months old though, so unless there is dramatic improvement, she may always remember Grandy this way.  *Tangent- Maggie saw me unlock Grandy's wheelchair once and has made it her mission to unlock all wheelchairs around her since.*  Any ideas how to help her?  I am considering making a photo album and then captioning it is tidbits about Grandy, but that doesn't feel like quite enough.   

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