Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Infinite Days

I never had much of a problem with not being able to sleep before I had kids.  Very occasionally I might have trouble falling asleep if I had watched a scary movie that night or overindulged in caffeine.  But generally, I could wake up a few minutes before time to go to work, work 8 hours, come home and nap, and still be in bed asleep by 11pm.  And then I had kids and they forever changed my body chemistry, making me an insomniac more nights than I care to be.

There are lots of things that change when you have kids.  People just do not share all the details about all the changes that occur when you become a parent.  I don't know entirely why, but I expect I'll get a reprimanded for even sharing that tiny bit.

Lately I regularly have nights of insomnia.  A breastfeeding toddler who wakes up with teething pains and anxiety about things going on in our family add to it greatly.  There is not much I can do when I can't sleep either because I need to let the rest of the family sleep, so I can't do anything useful like clean, craft, or work out.  That pretty much leaves me with a) watching tv or b) reading.  I do my fair share of watching television.  I am probably one of the few who likes infomercials, but watching infomercials leads to buying, ie spending money I shouldn't so I try not to do that too much.  (I am going to order this someday though.  Unless you have recommendations for a different steamer/ know a vac won't work on a house with a dog.)

The other night I read Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel.  It was another book my sister-in-law got me, and I'll be honest, I did not have high hopes of it.  I was pleasantly surprised by it though and enjoyed reading it.  It is yet another young adult, vampire-centric book, but unlike the many books before it, it didn't rave on the glories of being a vampire and no werewolves made any debuts.  (Another surprise, I totally expected the love interest to end up being a werewolf or supernatural being of some sort.  The main character went on and on about how beautiful and Adonis-like he was, so I figured he'd transform sooner or later.)  And **SPOILER*** I didn't get from the ending of the book, that the main character lived and would have thought she died had the beginning of the sequel not spelled out that she had lived.  In the end though, I still enjoyed the book and will check out it's sequel from the library when it is released in June-ish.

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