Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Driving down the road the other day

Keary, Gwendolyn, Maggie and I were on our way across town the other day, listening to the radio.  Or really the radio was on, Gwendolyn was the only one really listening to it.  We rarely get any quiet time in the car because of a certain four year old who barks from the backseat to turn on music.  Please tell me all four year olds are like that, or if they aren't, then just don't.  I don't want to know.

So Ryan Seacrest was talking because he is everywhere and you cannot escape him.  Right before a commercial break he said "Next up, Bret Michaels. We'll talk to him about the stroke he had this summer."

Gwendolyn piped up from the backseat "Grandy has a stroke."

Keary affirmed that "Yes, your Grandy had a stroke."

I mumbled to Keary "Just something else Grandy and Bret Michaels have in common."

Keary looked at me like I was crazy "What else do they have in common?!"

"Rock of Love Bus, of course."

Keary just looked at me.

I stared back at him.

Traffic swished by us.

Keary continued to stare at me.

I looked back at him, satisfied, if for no other reason, then I had made his brain explode a little and rendered him speechless.

Keary shook his head, trying to make mental images fall out of his head and finally said, "We just shouldn't talk anymore."

Then I cackled in victory.

*And no, I can't think of anything Bret Michaels and my grandmother actually have in common.  Sometimes I just enjoy making Keary spazz out.

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