Monday, January 24, 2011

Blame it on the cold medicine

Happy Monday folks.  Maggie, Gwendolyn, and I spent the weekend in our pajamas nursing our colds.  It was nothing too serious, but we just didn't feel well.  The girls seem to have passed the germs on to me now because they are generous souls.  It is okay, I'd rather be sick than they be in discomfort.  Still though. I would be happy to start feeling more like a human any time now.

Does cold medicine start to affect you more as you get older or did I get a weird batch of dayquil?   I've never had issue with it before, but soon after each dose this weekend, I started feeling all jittery.

Hopefully I can wrangle my brain cells into letting me make a post with more substance tomorrow or later this week.  I have general ideas what I want to say (write) but can't focus enough to make it coherent.  We can blame it on the cold medicine too.

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