Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You would probably expect talk of cooking the day before Thanksgiving...

  • We got to go see Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part One this weekend and really enjoyed it.  The theater was all decorated with references to the series everywhere.  I am glad I had read the book before though because otherwise some of the things going on in the movie wouldn't have made much sense.  Now I am just waiting on the last one to come out.
  • If you are planning on going to see HPDH:1, I would not suggest drinking a large glass of tea before going to the movie and then part of a soda during the movie, unless you want to spend the last hour of the movie wondering if your bladder is actually going to explode and contemplating peeing in a popcorn bucket so you feel relief but also don't miss any of the movie.  I am just saying.
  • Keary made it to St. Louis and back safely, and the girls and I made it through fine too.  The only incident was when I went to let Waylon back inside Sunday only to find that he had escaped.  I pulled on shoes, grabbed his leash, and headed out the door to go hunt him down.  Gwendolyn cried big, giant, sloppy tears because she thought her dog was gone forever.  By the time I made it out the door though, our nice neighbor lady was bringing him home.  
  • Gwendolyn has made her a thank you card and is chomping at the bit to deliver it, but she has been gone. I promised her that she will get to deliver it soon.
  • I'm super proud that Gwendolyn even thought to make a thank you card. 
  • Being alone without adult contact for 36 hours nearly turned me into a zombie.  The lack of sleep and listening to the girls' constant chatter didn't help either.  
  • That is why this entry is in bullet form.  I didn't know if I could make a coherent entry with paragraphs and stuff.
  • I don't have an excuse for the rest of the time though when Keary is not away on business trips.
  • I asked Keary the other morning when I got out of the shower how zombies turn into zombies and he didn't even bat an eye. I might as well have asked him what he wanted to eat for lunch.  I think that is very telling of our relationship.
  • And lastly, it is currently 74 degrees outside.  Tomorrow the low is 28.  This does not forebode well for the time between now and tomorrow night.

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