Monday, November 15, 2010

At least there was no pea soup?

I couldn't so to sleep last night.  I was mildly irritated with Keary, had a 1001 thoughts filling my head, was still processing The Walking Dead (are you watching this? I missed the first episode so I am a bit lost as to why there are zombies, but I am enjoying it... I think.), then I started watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and wishing those women had more sense to them.  I was finally winding down around midnight and about to doze off when Maggie started whining. She wasn't awake, so I thought maybe she was cold and re-situated the covers around her and hoped that would be that.

Oh how I was wrong!  Within minutes she amped up and was screaming and writhing around in a way that outdid Linda Blair in the Exorcist.  You know the scene... The one where Reagan is in bed and completely loses control of her body and actually broke Linda Blair's back during filming.  We tried holding her, letting her sit up, letting her lie on her belly, letting her lay on her back. Nothing helped and she continued to scream and contort and I couldn't help but feel awful for her.  I don't think she ever fully woke up.  We gave her gas drops and tylenol and teething tablets.  I really think she was having gas pains because she had really big toots occasionally when she contorted., but she was also grabbing her mouth when she screamed and she has half a molar left to breakthrough.  For an hour and a half, she screamed and appeared to be in awful pain.  Then, as quickly as she began, she stopped screaming and went back to sleep soundly.

Maggie and I slept until a little before ten this morning.  She has been in a good mood and even allowed us a longer than usual trip to Target.  I am not sure what caused the episode in the middle of the night.  Maybe the cup of orange juice I gave her earlier in the evening bothered her.  I just hope there are no repeats.

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