Friday, November 19, 2010

Whee Weekend

What do you have going on this weekend?  Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Movies?  Housework?

Maggie had her 15 month wellness check-up this morning and received two injections, so I am hoping to get to all of the above but know that may not happen.  Sometimes she does fine with her vaccinations, sometimes she runs a little fever and is cranky.  The appointment went well, Dr. S said she was perfect.  I expressed some concern over her lack of talking because Gwendolyn was already speaking in complete sentences at this age, but she said that she is obviously communicating and getting her ideas out.  I also told her that I have had family expressing concern (or disgust but let's call is concern) that Maggie is still nursing.  She reassured me that Maggie is still a baby and as long as I am comfortable nursing her, then it is fine. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone reassure me and affirm what I think.

So if Maggie is not crank I am hoping to get a couple things ready for Thanksgiving.  Depending on the dish, I will assemble it as much as possible and then put it in the freezer, then finish up on Thursday.  I say Thursday.  I really have no idea what our Thanksgiving plans are though.  The past two years we have stayed home and just cooked for us.  This year though, my mom said something about cooking.  She said she was cooking several weeks ago though and I have not heard anything else: what I need to bring, where we are eating, what time, nada.  Keary's dad said they would like us to come up for Thanksgiving lunch too, so I ought to make something for us to take.  I really require more planning and information than I am getting though from everyone.  If I wasn't such a coward about cooking a turkey, I would just have us stay home.  The past couple years we have gotten already cooked turkeys so I guess I was cheating.

And we are going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part One tomorrow.  I am super excited.  We generally wait until a movie has been out a few weeks so it isn't so crowded, but we really wanted to see it already.  My sister sent me an email this morning that said:
Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 We are pretty excited about it.

And then Sunday Keary is leaving for a business meeting that involves getting to sit in the luxury suite at the St. Louis Rams football game and be gone overnight.  I really don't know anything about football so I am not too jealous of that part, but I am not too keen on not him not being home overnight though. Not to worry though, we will have this vicious beast guarding us:

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