Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Goats

I've mentioned before how fearless Maggie seems often.  She was that way at the petting zoo Saturday.  She was a little tentative initially and observed everyone and the animals for a couple minutes then she acted like she was an old pro and had constant dealing with farm animals, climbing in and out of the pens laughing and chattering.  

She took a particular liking to the goats.  Personally, I find goats to be a little creepy- it is something about their eyes, I think, they are kinda evil.  I want to like goats (as much as I like any farm animal, which doesn't say just much since I feel rather neutral about them).  I mean, I enjoyed Adam Sandler's talking goat and Mike Rowe's fainting goats on Dirty Jobs.  So there is potential to like goats.  And that picture is awful cute.  I  like how the goat and Maggie are looking at each other, and the goat looks a little jealous that his buddy is getting petted.  And if we had a goat or two, they could take care of the lawn so Keary wouldn't have to mow.  So they can't be all bad... If only their eyes weren't so evil.

I think I should just be glad that Maggie (and Gwendolyn but to a lesser degree) are less skeptical and more brave than I am.

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  1. Cute capture! My daughter loved the goats at the petting zoo when we took her...me not so much! :)

  2. Very cute picture! My children have always been braver than I. :)

  3. great shot, very fearless....


  4. Sweet capture. My daughter wigged when we visited the goats. lol.

  5. super cute. I love the texture the hay adds.

  6. that's a lovely moment..

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