Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Family Easter shot

My family on Easter Sunday.  What is so hard about looking at the camera and smiling?  Come on now.  I mean, I know the sun was bright that morning, but I don't think it would have hurt them for everyone to be looking at the camera and smiling for just one shot.  Keary honestly thought he was smiling and after I showed him the pictures said "Why can't I smile?  Do I need to take classes or something?" Gwendolyn was glaring at the ground in all 7 or 8 shots around this one.  Maggie looked in a different direction in each picture, never in the camera.  While I had that smile plastered on my face and was staring a hole right through the camera.  We are all in the picture though, got to spend the day together, are all healthy and happy (even if everyone can't smile and look in the camera's direction on cue) and that is what matters.

This is the second picture I have posted of myself here this week.  I'm pretty sure that is a record.  I'll be joining Emily Anderson and Embrace the Camera.


  1. ha! funny they never smile when you want them to! :) Cute photo!

  2. Family pics are the best!! Great one of you guys!

  3. Yes...I have learned to live with "all in the picture." :)

  4. Love it...pretty much the story at our house:) Have a great weekend.


  5. what a great family photo :)

    Found your blog and now following!!!