Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Quiet

Keary and I went to Gwendolyn's parent-teacher conference Thursday.  It was actually the first official conference we had with the teacher though I had stopped in shortly after Gwendolyn started school and Keary and I both came to a couple extra Friday activities.  We learned that Gwendolyn is ahead of the game getting ready to go to kindergarten though she does have some problems holding scissors and recognizing patterns.  
We were also very surprised to hear that she is quiet in class.  Now Keary and I are both relatively quiet people, but Gwendolyn babbles and chatters constantly at home, the library, everywhere else except school apparently.  She talks in her sleep.  She was even talking while I tried to take her picture here.  But at school, she is quiet.  


  1. So cute!!!! I found out the same about my strange!

  2. luv those wavy locks * being quiet is better then being disruptive ... she'll come out her shell :)

  3. I wish my 7 year old was a little bit more quiet at school (and at home!). what an adorable little girl. : )

  4. I have a talker as well- she talks nonstop, and wants to be amused nonstop. She always has to have something going on. She is going to kindergarten in the fall as well, she can hold scissors well, but having a hard time learning all her letters.

    We will get there eventually.



  5. i love her hair, like my daughter also =)