Monday, June 27, 2011

Princess Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is fancy child.  Whereas I am content in jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops, Gwendolyn prefers sparkly, frilly, fancy.  One of the very first things on her birthday list this year was "a princess dress and princess shoes."  She got her wish in the form of a couple dresses, a cape, some shoes, and a crown. 

Here she is wearing her princess outfit while playing with her princesses.  And if you look behind her, you'll see some of her regular shoes that add sparkle to her outfits: silver sequined sandals and ruby red glitter shoes.

She has princesses of various sizes, fairies, and other odd and end dolls, and on this day, they were all lined up under the rocking chair.  I asked her about it... I never got a clear answer on why they weren't in the three story dollhouse next to the chair.  It probably has to do with my not understanding fancy 5 year old logic.

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Part of the reason the dolls had to camp under the chair appear to be because she has a minivan and a pink barbie car in the house.  You would think the princesses or whoever is in charge there, maybe Cowgirl Jessie?, would park the cars outside.  Gwendolyn had Yogi checking things out.  

You see that unicorn in the top left of the dollhouse?  Yeah, she asked my dad to get her a unicorn for her birthday.  I'm not certain she wasn't asking for a real unicorn, but she is playing with the toy one too.  

She spends hours every week upstairs playing with her dolls and dollhouses.  I listen to her make them talk and make plans, and she laughs and sounds like she is having a huge time.  So I decided to catch her with my camera.  She is a Michigan J. Frog because I went up there and she was serious business the entire time.  Never cracked a smile, barely even looked at me...  Until I got up to leave.


  1. Very cute! My girl loves playing with her babies and dressing as a princess; I love it!

  2. Oh, I felt like I was reading about my 4yo! =) Z is into all things to do with princesses and fairies. She says that she wants to be a fairy princess when she grows up. :)

    Your girl and mine would get along so well!

  3. What a cute girl! And she makes a very convincing princess, as well.


  4. "fancy 5 year old logic" - they should offer courses in that at colleges. Sounds fascinating. :) Beautiful photos of a lovely daughter!

  5. Such sweet photos of her playing!

  6. Makes me miss being a little girl. You captured it perfectly!

  7. she's is playing and it reminds me of my childhood! adorable!
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