Friday, June 10, 2011

Fruitcake Summer Fun

Summer is here!  With that brings lots of spare time (at least for the girls, my time is pretty much the same), and it could lead to watching too much TV and general boredom.  I wanted some sort of a guide to keep us busy and having fun, and something so everyday doesn't seem just like the last one.  So I came up with a few ideas and got many more ideas from around the internet and pinterest.  

My criteria for the list was pretty simple.  I like it cheap or free.  I like if both my girls can participate: they are almost 2 and almost 5 years old, having them read a chapter book or write a fan letter on their own isn't really feasible.  If there are too many instructions period, they aren't going to get into it.  We have a good library in town that offers plenty of summer programs we will participate in, but the nearest zoo or children's museum is over an hour away.  So keeping it simple and close to home is best.  

Tee-ball and soccer are over, but the girls are signed up for story-times one day a week and I figure we will try to go the the pool once or twice a week, and our local movie theater shows morning movies twice a week for $2 a ticket so we might try that.   All that means we may only need a couple things a week to do to keep us busy, having fun, and not watching hours and hours of Blue's Clues in a sitting.

I'm planning on putting our list on the refrigerator and making sure we have stuff on hand to do at least two of them at all times.  Sounds like a good enough plan, right?

1.  at home dance party
2.  jump rope
3.  family movie night
4.  go to the library
5.  Go to the movies
6.  backyard swim party
7.  yoga day
8.  computer games
9.  go to the splash pad
10.  make smoothies
11.  play dress up
12.  car wash
13.  run through sprinklers
14.  build a fort
15.  go on a nature walk
16.  go to a parade
17.  fireworks show
18.  blow bubbles
19.  tea party
20.  watermelon
21.  water balloons
22.  go to the farmer's market
23.  celebrate an unbirthday
24.  family picnic
25.  sidewalk chalk art  
26.  have a cookout
27.  donuts!
28.  eat snow cones
29.  paint
30.  make ice cream
31.  make popsicles
32.  stargazing
33.  play frisbee
34.  make a playhouse with a big box
35.  make lemonade
36.  family game night  
37.  make homemade playdoh
38.  build a sandcastle
39.  pizza party!
40.  make rootbeer floats
41.  go to the zoo
42.  banana split party
43.  feed ducks
44.  make greeting cards for the year (valentines day, st patricks day, easter, 4th of july, thanksgiving, christmas, birthdays)
45.  paint pottery
46.  smores
47.  luau
48.  go to the park
49.  tie-dye t-shirts
50.  go on a photo walk

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  1. Sounds like it is going to be a great Summer.

  2. Yea! It's great to already have a list so you can refer to it when YOU are too tired to think :) I've been there. . .and sometimes the downtime is the best time. Unplug the television so there's no temptation. . .the only exceptions will be during thunderstorms :) It's amazing what you can find to do when you take that one thing out of the equation. . .really. Have a great summer!!!

  3. Sounds like you've got a great summer lined up!

  4. What fun plans!!! We are planning on doing quite a few of those things on your list. =)

  5. You are so smart. I never thought of making a list like that. Thanks for sharing.