Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace the camera: Swimsuit Edition

I'm embracing the camera again today.  I haven't taken many with me in them this past week so this is from last week.  Maggie LOVES the pool.  She has absolutely no fear of hesitation in the water.  In this picture, I had been throwing her up and into the ring she is floating in.  "Do it again!" she'd yell over and over again.  

Also if you are in the market for a life jacket for your kids, I recommend one like Maggie is wearing.  You can let out the sides as the kids grow.  Gwendolyn wore it for a season and a half and now Maggie has taken it, so it is pretty durable too.  

I'm linking up with Emily and embracing the camera.  Take a picture of yourself with your kids, dogs, honey, friends, etc and link up too.


  1. HOW FUN! My mom has those rings & whenever we visit her & go out on the lake the kids love to use them.

    Thanks for the reminder that I totally spaced on linking up on this one this week. I meant to do that. :)

  2. Cute! We finally got to the pool yesterday for the first time and had a blast!

  3. this is a sweet shot. your daughters are adorable.

  4. It's great that she really enjoys the water. :)

    I love the red of your suit and the blueness of the ring against the lighter blue of the pool's water..

    Have a great long weekend!