Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Happens and Plans Go Awry

Last week just didn't go like I had hoped it would.

Early in the year, Keary had marked off to take vacation the week after Thanksgiving, in hopes we might get to take a honeymoon since we didn't take one after we were married.  We researched and decided where we wanted to go and what we would do, but then we couldn't get anyone to agree to watch Gwen and Maggie for us.  We were disappointed, but it was okay- we would have a week to get all the projects around the house done that there is never time for since Keary generally works 7 days a week.

We made lists of what we wanted done needed to buy to get the projects done, and made plans and timelines.  Keary and I decided that we needed to paint the overhang over the back door, paint the front door and back door, buy and install the new microwave/ vent-a-hood.  I wanted to make a wreath to hang on the front door and make an advent calendar to do with the girls.  Plus we needed to get put up the Christmas decorations, wrap gifts, finish shopping.  We made plans to go to the zoo and zoolights.  I needed to schedule Gwendolyn and myself a haircut and hoped we might get to go see Tangled.  And and and then Grandy went into the hospital.

I have always been close to my Grandy.  I am the first grandchild, lived with her for several years when I was a teenager, and had her great-grandbabies.  I sat with her between 8 and 10 hours a day while she was in the ICU.  She was confused and agitated and kept trying to get up.  She fell once because she did manage to get up, and then promptly fell because she is unable to use her right side right now.  I was able to calm her a few minutes at a time and answer her repeated questions (because I am used to answering the same questions over and over again).  I could field questions from her visiting friends and medical personnel.  And I could do all this while not missing work, unlike the rest of the family.  Well, I wasn't missing work as in someone pays me to do a job, but I was missing work that I do everyday at home with my family.

When I would make it in at night, I would just crash, and Gwendolyn and Maggie would both rush me to cling to me and tell me about their day and snuggle.  I would turn in a couple hours later to fall into a restless sleep, then return to the hospital.

 I did what I needed and had to do and wouldn't change that, but things just didn't turn out how I had planned.  Oh, and I know that my plans for the week had been lofty and everything wouldn't have gotten done, but progress would have been made.

I am trying to return to my regular schedule.  Keary went back to work yesterday, so I have to find my routine again.  Grandy transferred out the ICU on Friday and then went to a rehabilitation hospital yesterday.  Hopefully, she will make a smooth transition and start working on making progress on rehabilitation.

And Keary has another vacation scheduled for between Christmas and New Year's.  I am doing my best to not make plans for then.

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