Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidays

It never occurred to me until sometime last week or so how offensive some people found the phrase "Happy Holidays".  I have always signed our Christmas cards "Happy Holidays" and I genuinely mean just that- I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year.  And a happy any other holiday that I have forgotten.  And just a plain happy time if you choose not to celebrate any holidays at all. I am sure it has probably always been a point of contention for some people but it wasn't until I saw multiple posts and statements about how "it shouldn't be Happy Holidays but MERRY CHRISTMAS" until I thought about it.

You know what?  I filled out our Christmas cards yesterday.  And they are all signed "Warmest wishes and Happy Holidays". And I think that is completely fine.  Yes, my family celebrates Christmas and we celebrate the birth of Jesus with church, the nativity, family, food, friends, and gifts.  And if you don't celebrate the same as I do or even at all, I still want to wish you a happy day.  Isn't that what is meant by "goodwill toward men"?

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