Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve people.  And if you aren't doing Christmas Eve, I hope at least you have a joyful Friday.

Have any big plans?

We, we are staying home.  Or staying home as much as possible.  I told my family that we were staying home and anyone who wanted was welcome to drop in to our house, but that we weren't filling up our days with going here and hurrying there so that by the 26th we are all overstimulated.  I can't say my announcement was met with  much support or anything, or come to think of it, I don't know that anyone will be coming by.  I do know though that when we decided we weren't giving in to the hustle and bustle, I started sleeping more than 2 hours a night.  And Gwendolyn was tickled at the thought of staying home, making cookies, and watching Christmas movies.  I thought I would have to sell her the idea.  Keary has been working seven days a week since June, and the only days off he has had (which were very few) were filled with still having to rush here and there.  We just need some time where we aren't rushing anywhere.

I still need to cook.  I prepped some sausage balls last night so all we have to do is through them in the oven.  And I got stuff to make taco soup, pigs in a blanket, chip and dip.  I also got a ham, but I may just wait until Sunday or so to cook that.  And I got some things for Gwendolyn and I to make cookies and candy.  I don't really know what we are going to cook, but I got enough supplies to make a couple batches of sugar or chocolate chip cookies, some chocolate covered oreos and some fudge.  Gwendolyn doesn't really care what we make as long as she can decorate with sprinkles.

I think everything is wrapped.  I'm not totally sure because I have things in bags that I intend to put in stockings and I am trying to make sure the girls have equal number of things to open.  I still need to print off one of Keary's gifts- a planner/ notebook to keep all of our household stuff in place.  The printer is being finicky though so rather than being his Christmas gift, it'll probably be more like a Tuesday gift.  My biggest concern is the girls' stuff and that is pretty well done.

Hope you have a great holiday.  Be safe.

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