Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Blurry Week

Hope your Christmas holiday was everything you wanted to to be.  We had a good one.  We went to one family gathering on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas evening, but otherwise we stayed home and savored just being home.  My sister and Keary's sister came over while we ate taco soup, watched Christmas movies, and made candy, and we went to Mom's the day after Christmas and Dad came over that evening.

Gwendolyn and Maggie wound up with a ridiculous amount of toys again this year.  Currently, I am questioning why I thought an mp3 player for Gwendolyn was a good idea because I still am having to listen to her music.  It isn't that I don't enjoy Glee or the occasional Taylor Swift, I would just rather not listen to them constantly or listen to a four year old whine the songs out even further than they already are.  As for Maggie, she got probably a dozen new toys that light up and sing songs.  At least her's seem to have some educational qualities to them.

After all my worrying about whether Santa Claus was coming to our house or not, and mine and Keary's multiple trips to the stores the last days before Christmas to find the best big gift to leave under our tree from him, Gwendolyn still told the ladies at the library Wednesday that he didn't come to our house.  I don't know whether to be relieved that I don't have to remember to do everything just the same next year or disappointed that she didn't fall for it after all our work.

And there it is, talk of next year, which officially starts in a little over 7 hours.  We don't have plans for New Year's Eve and honestly, I will probably be asleep when the clock strikes 12.  2010 hasn't been the greatest and the last half has really kind of been an asshole so I have a lot of hope for a new year. But with that hope is coming quite a bit of uncertainty.  Things really have to be better than the last half of 2010 though.

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