Sunday, July 3, 2011

Maggie's busy week or why my hair is more gray

Look at her, so sweet, just sleeping there with her Mickey Mouse.  Her Mickey Mouse makes everything immediately better, simple as that.  Looking at her you probably wouldn't know just this week she has single handed contributed to 10 percent increase the amount if gray in my hair.

It started on Friday.  My sister came over to watch the girls so I could go get my haircut.  When I got back we visited for a little bit and Maggie sat on the couch next to her and when she tried to get up, Maggie couldn't and she needed a hand.  Then she limped and cried as she walked across the room to me.  I assumed her leg had just fallen asleep.  When Keary got home, she didn't want to walk and just wanted him to carry her.  That is nothing really out of the ordinary, but combined with her leg having bothered her earlier, my suspicions were raised.

The girls were supposed to stay with my dad so we loaded up and Maggie cried all the way there.  Once we got inside, we tried to have her walk and she kept acting like she couldn't put any weight on her right leg.  So we got back in the car and went back across town to see my uncle, the chiropractor.

She was hysterical by the time we got there, but she could walk somewhat better.  He examined her and said he thought her hip was out or the hip joint was locked up, but either way he didn't want to treat her while she was so frantic.  He said if she started acting like it was worse overnight to call our pediatrician and that he was try to adjust her the next day.

The next morning, we woke up and she was able to walk and run just fine.

Nothing out the ordinary over the weekend, then she treated me to a house that smelled like a watermelon jolly rancher.  We got home in the early evening from swimming and I gave the girls baths and Keary got supper together.  We ate and then I had to step outside for less than three minutes to take the trash out and rinse out the trashcan.  I stepped back inside to hear Gwendolyn yell upstairs to Keary "Nevermind! Mom is inside now.  She can take care of it."

I went into to bathroom to see Maggie had emptied at least half a bottle of watermelon shampoo all over herself and the bathmat.  "Bath!" she smiled at me.  I took the mat outside and sprayed it down.  There were bubbles and foam all over the driveway and backyard.  Keary put Maggie into the shower and eventually got all the shampoo off of her.                          

Our entire house smelled like a watermelon jolly rancher for 4 days.

That was all in addition to her regular hijinks of climbing as high as she can and jumping, thinking she she exist on poptarts and candy, writing all over every piece of paper she can, and waking up multiple times per night.

Bill Cosby says that "Gray hair is God's graffiti." I believe it.

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  1. Ohhhhh, the busyness that comes from a little one!! Haha. I'm sure it's to help keep us young :)