Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reasons I love fall

Candy corn.
     Yeah, I know some people do not like candy corn and find it gross, but I love it.  But I also feel like it is a fall food so whether I can get it year round or not, it is a fall food and will be eaten in the fall, not before or after.

      I love jack-o-lanterns and porches dressed up with mums, pumpkins, and hay bails.  I also love foods with pumpkin: Andy's Frozen Custard has a pumpkin custard that I adore and wait for all year.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
     I am a HUGE Peanuts fan.  I own all the holiday specials on dvd, but the great pumpkin is one of my very favorite.  When I was 7 or 8 years old, my parents told me we were going to get to meet the Great Pumpkin on Halloween and I was so excited.  And then the night ended and they gave me some line about how he had already been to town and left.  Whatever.  I watch the special multiple times around Halloween (and have gotten my daughters to like it and expect to get to watch it) and it always kills me a little when Charlie Brown only gets a rock in his treat bag.

Cooler weather.
     It is stupid hot and humid here in Arkansas during the summer so I welcome the cooler temperatures.  I love getting to open the windows and air out the house, waking up to the crispness of the air.  I like bonfires and hayrides and getting to snuggle up in sweaters.

     Costumes, candy, haunted houses, and scary movies.  Awesome!

The colors, the leaves.
     I love the mix of bold reds, golden yellows, greens, oranges, then watching the leaves slowly fall off the trees.  I like the sound as they crunch underfoot and the smell of burning leaves.

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