Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gwendolyn's first day of school went very well.  The teachers have commented multiple times that they can't believe she hasn't been in a school or daycare setting already with the way she has taken to it.  She said that she made lots of friends but couldn't tell me their names, and acted like I as crazy and unreasonable when I asked.  Ahh, I just can't wait for the teenage years.  She was super excited to go back again today too  Keary said she couldn't wait to be dropped off and out of the car so much that he expected her to jump out and tuck and roll.  Here is hoping it stays as fun and exciting for her, yes?

The local county fair is this week.  Gwendolyn has gone with her grandparents and Maggie and I are staying home.  I feel bad not taking Maggie, but she is only 13 months old so I don't think she would be very interested in riding any of the rides.  And it is 93 degrees at 4pm so I am not interested in wrestling and trying to keep her from running off at the fairgrounds.  She is my ornery child: you can see the mischievousness ooze out of her.  She is the one who I would need to worry about crawling into the exotic petting animal cage or running off with a carnie.  Next year I will take her.  Or maybe I will get the grandparents to take her too.  

Fairs give me the heebie-jeebies.  There are too many people and about half the people seem to be inbred or completely unaware of manners and how to behave in public and it is loud and the carnies are barking trying to get you to play their games.  All I want is a funnel cake and maybe to ride the scrambler or tilt-a-whirl (maybe, I also don't trust the way the rides are driven all over the place and thrown up and put together.  Keary has tried to convince me that the rides are probably safe because they are put together and taken apart so often, any problems would be noted ad taken care of earlier.  I doubt this is the way it works.  Feel free to correct me.)  I also want a corndog.  Clearly I am a fan of fair food.

Have you seen the trailer for Harry Potter?  I am so excited for the movie.  I have watched the trailer twice today and twice it has given me chills.

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